documentary relicts

7 Dec 2016 - 9 Jan 2017

Documentary Relicts is a long-term project, exhibited at amt_milano from december, partly published via sputnik editions, and partly still being the subject of research.

Unknown Materials on Known Artworks.

Documentary Relicts is a project that is primarily concerned with possible value or rehabilitation of unused material as a useful resource for further processing of its physical surviving and the ecology of materials in the work of specific artists. This project examines the decisions, reasons and methods of handling materials in specific author procedures.

Differentiated waste.
This project examines the nature of unused material, whether it be affective and forever-damned material, material surviving only by coincidence, material only put away and still maturing, material accidentally or inadvertently discarded, material lost, sought after, forgotten, found anew.

This project examines the different ways of authors handling a document, the origin of which could be the result of chance or working with someone close, a pal, a participant of the work, and it may not even have initially been in the intentions of the author, who later handles and post-produces the material, because he or she thinks that if his or her work is on the material, he or she is also its owner.

The Documentary Relicts project is ultimately my own research, in which I am interested in the specific ways of authors working with a selection of material, its quantity; with radical or a provisional decisions, and the reasons for those decisions, the capability of the author to process his or her own past. petreferiancova

this project has been supported by the Slovak Arts Council.

Peter Bartoš
Buharov Brothers
Květoslava Fulierová
Juraj Gavula and
Matej Gavula
Vladimír Havlík
Július Koller
Siniša Labrovic and
Mladen Jergović and
Ladislav Tomičić
Davor Sanvincenti
Tamás St Auby
Jiří Suruvka
Rudolf Sikora
and others
curated by Petra Feriancová


installation view

installation view

installation view