FlashBack Turin

Families in the archives of Kvetoslava Fulierova and Petra Feriancova

5 Nov 2015 - 8 Nov 2015

I consider working with an archive as an aid to measuring time, corporeality and summarization. It is important to adhere to limits. It is about the limits of amount and of content. I refuse to saturate and keep expanding my archive, naturally and consciously. I use the material, which I acquire from artists, whom I asked to collaborate with, only for certain projects. It is not a part of my archive. My archive does not grow, rather, it regroups, constantly. With it I can measure time and the content of this creation. It is still one material, one substance, which I work with. It is a sort of parallel entity that I work with. I rearrange, organize and sort through, then I re-examine it. I use it as a language. It is a new syntax, a new variety. Permutating its possibilities and varieties.
Petra Feriancova

Il mio archivio non cresce, anzi, raggruppa, costantemente. Con esso posso misurare il tempo e il contenuto di questa creazione. E 'sempre un materiale, una sostanza, ciò con cui lavoro. Si tratta di una sorta di entità parallela. Riordino, organizzo e classifico, poi riesamino. Lo uso come un linguaggio. Si tratta di una nuova sintassi, un nuovo genere. Permutare le sue possibilità e le sue varietà.
Petra Feriancova

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