Tomas Vanek

*1966, počátky (cz)

particip no. 4
(1999 - stencils / spray paint on the wall - installation view)

specially cut out stencils of wooden paneling for veletrzni palac. twenty-eight meters of sprayed walls in the hall with elevators, toilets and entrances to main exposition halls. instalation was intended to warm up the cold functionalist atmosphere of the building and to refer to the peripheral nature of the chosen theme and places.

particip no. 14
(2000 - stencil / spray paint on bridge construction - installation view)

spraying the stencil of an arrow at eye level on 81 pillars of the tram bridge coming from the direction of the holesovice train station to troja. when looking to the right in the direction the tram is going, the arrows finction as peripheral animation, turning 360`. take a ride and see.

particip no. 15
(2001 - stencils / spray paints in the notebooks)

series of notebooks with simple sprayed themes – spots. the series was introduced into the lending system of the library. the invitation also served as a registration card. the notebooks are keo inder a filed press stamp. visitors can check them out and look at them at the tables in the library.

particip no.18
(2001/2002 - spray paints on papers)

complete disassembly of my skoda 120 car. spreading out the individual parts on prepared surface, a paper of 6x3.15m and spray painting over them so that the prints of the parts remain. creation of two large format images, external and internal parts of the car, recycling my property.

particip no. 23
(2001 - mud on the wall - installation view)

the entrance space of gallery was made with muddy footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, plastic balls, foam balls and kids mudding the balls and then throwing them against the walls of the gallery, the space was transformed into a new kind of perception, a familiar peripheral experience foun in children`s playgrounds, city passages and gyms.

particip no. 32
(2003 - stencils / spray paints on the wall - installation view)

. i prepared and spray-painted for the film faculty’s dean’s conference room a special set of templates as decoration related to the space’s meaning. i spray-painted on the walls a clock with fixed time, a bulletin board with pins, a wall hook and shadow, a banister and a paper stuck to the wall by four pins.

particip no. 42
(2004 - stencil / spray paint on the wall)

within the framework of a group exhibition i spray-painted a template of coat-hangers hanging on bars behind real coat-hangers hanging on bars.

particip no. 42
(2004 - stencil / spray paint on the wall - detail)

within the framework of a group exhibition i spray-painted a template of coat-hangers hanging on bars behind real coat-hangers hanging on bars.

particip no. 45
(2005 - giant balloons and staples on the walls)

three walls of gallery etc., three giant inflatable balloons – pink, orange and red. i inflated the balloons a few hours before the exhibition opened due to the expanding material. during the exhibition opening i popped the balloons one by one and stapled them to the wall.
demonstration of method “ think round and act square “

particip no. 45
(2005 - giant balloons and staples on the walls)

three walls of gallery etc., three giant inflatable balloons – pink, orange and red. i inflated the balloons a few hours before the exhibition opened due to the expanding material. during the exhibition opening i popped the balloons one by one and stapled them to the wall.
demonstration of method “ think round and act square “

Tomas vanek

born in 1966 in počatky (former czechoslovakia)
lives and works in prague (czech republic)

studies and stipends:
1990 – 1997 academy of fine arts in prague (studios of jiři sopko and vladimir kokolia)
2001 jindřich chalupecký award
2002 headlands center for the arts, san francisco, ca, usa
2003 museums quartier 21, artist in residence, tranzit, vienna, au
2003 her und hin, künstlerhaus bethanien berlin, schloss solitude stuttgart, berlin, de
2004 camden arts centre, delfina studio, london, uk
2006 iscp studio residency, new york, n.y., usa
member of the group bj (bezhlavy jezdec / headless rider) with jan mančuska, josef bolf and jan
šerych, active 1998-2002
member of pas - production of contemporary activities with jiři skala and vit havranek

solo exhibitions:
particip 123,presentaction, hunt kastner,prague
particip no. 39, descriptions of situations collection, gallery of drawing minikino in ostrava cz
thelosthighway(withalenakotzmannová),hunt kastner, villareykjavik,reykjavik,iceland
particip 102, commissioned work for the façade of an apartment building, m.odla gallery, antoninska 6, prague 7
particip no. 97, map of wiev, together with institute of light design, designblok 09, superstudio a, holešovice in prague cz
particip no. 96, offcity festival in pradubice cz
before particips / particip no. 93,kabinet t gallery, zlín cz
particip no. 92, audiosituation, house of art, české budějovice cz
listening comprehension, with marlene haring, czech cultural center, vienna, au
particip no. 71, to co se stalo, se prave nyni deje... / what happened, is happening now... , galerie
na bidýlku, brno
particip no. 70, moravian gallery, brno
particip tv, bastart galerie, bratislava, sk
framing effect, synonyms, index foundation, stockholm, se
particip no. 56, galerie 36, olomouc
live score, live sampling performance, together with tomas dvorak aka floex, alfred ve dvore
theatre, prague and theatre 29 in pardubice
when watching tv, i do not think, hunt kastner , prague
particip no. 46, method, etc. galerie, prague
particip no. 45, take airways and breath freely, a.m. 180, prague
particip no. 39, camden arts centre, london, uk
particip no. 15/4, swiss cottage central library, london, uk
particip no. 15/3, kunstbibliothek, matthaikirchplatz 8, 10785, berlin, de
particip no. 31, dean’s boardroom at famu: film and tv school of the academy of performing arts,
commissioned work, prague
a skoda is not a lada, particip no. 18, display gallery, prague
art museum of mills college, (commissioned work), oakland, california, usa
particip no. 15, museum of decorative arts library, prague
idea – stencil – shift - spray, galerie na bidýlku, brno
monokiny, druha modra gallery, brno
barvy laky (paints and varnishes), u bileho jednorozce gallery, klatovy
lov (hunt), černý pavouk gallery, ostrava

group exhibitions (selection):
vi new zlin salon, zlin regional art gallery, zlin, cz
the height of fashion, curated bz radek wohlmut, egon schieleart center, český krumlov
turned down, wannieck gallery, brno
casual – formal – playful / tomáš vaněk - jan šerých – eva koťátková, czech center new york, usa
czech painting from the 1990s, curated by richard adams, dumb: brno house of arts, brno
jindřich chalupecky award – 20 years, dox centre for contemporary art, prague
residents iv, curated by dušan zahorbensky, meetfactory, prague
manisfesta 8, curated by, particip 116, demonstration of think round, act square, murcea & cartagena, sp
erased walls, mediations biennale,poznan,pl & galeriespace, bratislava,sk
from the liberty square to the independance square, lodz biennale, lodz, pl
it is written, a projec t by adam vackar, pompidou metz, fr
1,2,3/particip no.105,sitespecificsoundinstallation,gask–galleryofcentralbohemia, kutnáhora
apartment adventure tour, placc festival – art that takes you by surprise, pécs, hungary
collectors, the czecho-slovak pavilion, curated by lucia drdová & martin mazanec, brot kunsthalle, vienna, au
space demonstration, curated by ladví, street for art festival,blox doucasnecentrum umen i toux, prague
visual illusion traps / recent forms of tromple d´oil, nitranská galéria, nitra, sk
after velvet, the golden ring house, city gallery prague, cz
historical work, václav špála gallery in prague, cz
sleepwalking, spolu s marlene haring – listening comprehension, temporary gallery kolín nad rýnem, d
erased walls, particip no. 99, audiosituations, freies museum berlin, d
ribba exhibition, (30 x 40 cm), kabinet gallery in brno, cz
something of myself, particip no. 94, audiosituation, huntkastner gallery in prague, cz
particip no. 92, audiosituation, brno art open 09 brno, cz
from plaster tu gum / artist technique and strategies, curated by barbora gerzova, nitrianská galéria, nitra, sk
white paper and black bride, curated by edit jerabkova and jiri kovanda, prague biennale 4, karlin hall, prague, cz
the jindrich chalupecky award: new millenium, minor sensations, curated by jiri ptacek, museum of art, seoul national university, south korea,
obrazy slov / reflecting words, curated by zdenek freisleben, summer star palace at the white
mountain, prague
spoken words, curated by mathieu copeland, tranzitdisplay, prague
still: another exhibition of painting, futura, prague
the collectors: live re-edit, from the marek art collection, curated by jiři ptaček, brno house of
arts, brno
my thing, which might not be mine, bastart contemporary, bratislava, sk
liste: the young art fair in basel (with josef bolf), presented by hunt kastner , basel, ch
invisible things, curated by vjera borozan, trafo house of contemporary arts, budapest, hu
particip no. 58: monument to transformation, societe anonyme, le plateau-frac ile-de-france,
paris, fr
ekonomie smyslů / economy of purpose, curated by galerie display at galerie eskort, brno
hotel chalupecky *****, motoren halle, dresden de
auditorium, stage, backstage - an exposure in 32 acts, curated by tranzit, frankfurter kunstverein,
frankfurt, de
grand 1st: cult media, galeria bastart, bratislava, sk
i invited some friends to come and watch, curated by david kulhanek, galerija m. kraljevic +
galerija nova, zagreb, hr
spoken words, curated by mathieu copeland, gallery blow de la barra, london, uk
comic festival, otas club, bucharest, ro
indikace, a selection of czech conceptual artists, 4 days in motion festival, prague
ideal identity, (with v. stratil and j. alvaers), czech cultural center, new york, usa
office art, curated by zuzana štefkova, gallery c2c, prague
viennafair, with dominik lang, presented by galerie display, vienna, at
1811197604122005, plan b, cluj, ro
definition of everyday, prague biennale 2, curated by vit havranek and jan mančuška, karlin hall,
more than meets the eye, university gallery, university of essex in colchester, uk
abs story, guest of jiři černicky, jiři švěstka gallery, prague
every bone broken, with alice nikitinova, gallery doubner, prague
biennale of young artists, curated by karel cisař, prague city gallery, house of the stone bell,
insiders, curated by pavlina morganova, brno house of art, house of the lords of kunstat, brno and
futura, prague
neutral, organized by display gallery in prague, motorenhalle, dresden, de
challenge, jana koniarka gallery, synagogue, trnava, sk
metro, priestor gallery, bratislava, sk
space camp, na prikope 7, prague
like beads on an abacus to calculate infinity, rockwell, london, uk
things you don’t know, curated by jana and jiři ševčik, gallery k und s, berlin, de
instant fusion, collaborative project with gallery priestor (bratislava), museums quartier 21,
vienna, au
artkliazma, moscow, ru
bunky, public space in prague
československo, slovak national museum, bratislava, sk
artcubicle, gallery home in prague; galerie und projekte mathias kampl in berlin, de
particip no. 36, web gallery holec
from prague, strasbourg, fr
slimvolume, poster publication, slimvolume in london, uk
art dans la ville, musee de l’art modern, saint etienne, fr
d’un printemps l’autre, ecole d’art gerard jacot, belfort, fr
fair, project of pas, royal college in london, uk
finalists of the jindřich chalupecký award, veletržni palace, national gallery in prague
20 %, discount, house of arts in česke budějovice
probably is here, sýpka gallery, vlkov-osova bitýska
glued intimacy, curated by vit havranek, gallery jeleni at the foundation and center for
contemporary arts-prague
art moskva, dom chudožnikov, (with the bj), organized by umělec art journal, moscow, ru
konfrontace, czech cultural center in london, uk
bj, 267 gallery, ostrava
nests of games, a part of the exhibition by petr nikl, rudolfinum gallery, prague
idea – stencil – displacement, galerie na bidýlku, brno
bezhlavý jezdec, jeleni gallery, foundation and center for contemporary arts-prague and nod,
zlín salon of young artists, with bj, zlin city gallery, zlin
targets, bj concept, center for contemporary arts public art project, prague
cottagers, alternative space, řimska street, prague
distant similarity – something more than cosmetics, veletržni palace, national gallery in prague
maxisklad, manes gallery, prague
perplex, vaclav špala gallery, prague
malamut, ostrava
open house, (with the group bj), foundation and center for contemporary arts-prague, čimelice
castle, čimelice
colony, with jan merta, jeleni gallery, foundation and center for contemporary arts, prague
c:r:a:n:e:, with jan mančuska, international symposium, quincerot, fr
no sex until marriage, holečkova street, prague
metro, černy pavouk gallery, ostrava
pipe drams, nod, prague
new zlin salon, zlin city gallery, zlin
bistro, with jan mančuska, as a part of v. kokolias exhibition, manes gallery, prague
elektroaspik, with pavel šmid, pecka gallery, prague
megavision, with pavel šmid and m. nedvěd, alternative space in jungmanova st., prague
down in the bunker, bunkr, prague
artwork in public space, organized by the foundation and center of contemporary arts, (with the
group bj), prague national gallery at the veletržni palace, prague
graduates of the academy of fine arts in prague, strahov monastery, prague
fruits from prague, czech cultural center in berlin, de
bj, academy of fine arts gallery, prague
recommended paintings, behemot gallery, prague
students of the academy of fine arts in prague, manes gallery, prague
haus am see, gallery in hannover, de

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