Radu Comsa

*1975, Sibiu, (ro)

language over image - archetypes of transformation
(2011 - mixed media on linen - 41x57cm)

language over image - archetypes of transformation
(2011 - oil on linen - 32x45cm)

language over image - archetypes of transformation
(2011 - oil on linen - 60x80cm)

work against structure
(2011 - mixed media on linen - 50x60cm)

work against structure
(2011 - mixed media on linen - 61x51cm)

things or types on paper
(2011 - acrylic and yellow tape on old magazine paper - 25,5x34cm)

things or types on paper
(2011 - acrylic & crayon on old magazine paper - 21,3x29,7cm)

study for kaleidoscope (envisioning apparatus)
(2011 - oil on canvas, wood, mirror, tape, coloured bands - variable dimensions: canvas 255x172cm, optical instrument 100x37x32cm)

first “study for kaleidoscope (envisioning apparatus)” falls within comșa’s attempt to mystify the practice of painting. by diffusing the painting outside the surface, comșa is deluding about external and internal content of the work, form and matter, meaning and interpretation. what actually remains within the surface is the abstract strata of paint. what spreads out it’s writing over the original image, structuring the surface and dispersing content through form. one piece (the kaleidoscope | the painting) can be read through the other (the painting | the kaleidoscope).

staircased scenography for painting
(2011 - wooden object, textile, small oil painting on plywood - various dimensions)

recurring types
(2011 - oil on glass - 51x71cm)

painting leftover
(2011 - wooden stick - 153x4x4cm)

transmuted painting
(2012 - fabric, wood, paint - variable dimensions (h 200cm))

diametric abstraction
(2012 - wooden stick, paint - variable dimensions)

transmuted painting
(2011 - fabric, metal - variable dimensions (h 200cm))

squeezed abstractions
(2012 - wooden sticks, fabric - 200cm each)

circulation of form
(2012 - curtain, wooden structure - variable dimensions)

radu comsa

born in 1975, in sibiu (romania)
lives and works in Cluj-napoca (romania)

solo exhibitions

Things as They Are, sabot gallery, cluj-napoca
bombastic fantastic plain vanilla, curated by musique et mise en scéne, amt_project, bratislava
being radu comşa, sabot gallery, cluj-napoca

on memory and reminiscence, citric gallery, brescia
excite.com, matei house, (video installation & performance), cluj-napoca
love upon open heart, sindan gallery (video installation/ object), cluj-napoca
exil, atas gallery, university of art and design (installation/ object/ painting), cluj-napoca
golem, matei house (painting installation), cluj-napoca

group exhibitions

altered translation, car project, bologna
i fought the x and the x won, curated by raphael vella, national museum of fine arts, valletta, malta (july 15 - august 15) & museum of art, cluj-napoca (april 16 - may 15)
l’arpa magica [the magic harp], lucie fontaine, milan
play, curated by mirela pribac, accademia di romania, roma
calling all the stations, curated by michele robecchi and gazmend ejupi, national gallery in pristina, kosovo
prague biennale 4, expanded painting 3, within staging the grey: 12 romanian and hungarian painters, section curated by mihai pop in collaboration with jane neal, prague
romanian art today/ the artist and his supporters, espace tajan, paris
15 hungarian and romanian painters, curated by jane neal, galeria plan b, cluj-napoca
donumenta, “how to build a universe that does not fall apart two days later”, curated by simona nastac, regensburg 
prague biennale 3, expanded painting 2, curated by helena kontova and giancarlo politi, prague
airbag, national museum of art, cluj-napoca
romanian cultural centre, budapest
contemporary art gallery, bruckenthal museum, sibiu

special projects

“your dreams still clinging to the pillow” (online project), may/june, citric gallery, brescia

Bombastic Fantastic Plain Vanilla 13 Jun 2011 - 15 Jul 2011