Jano Ballx

*1973, Nitra (sk)


1973 came to existence in this world and real socialism
1981 first colective exhibition, with the print "comrades party"

1984 refused to paint naked women and left artistic school
1985 wrote the poem "little Peter"
1988 won biology contest for regional high schools
1989 arrested and saved by police after celebrating 28. October
1992 devoted himself to study human body and soul

1993 produced the later very famous band Horkyze slize
1995 organized trip to Brno at Kounicova street
1998 became a director of SPIRIT n.g.o.
2000 launched project subterra
2001 had a Tshirt on I love you NY on 911
2004 subterra got to first 100 i-cafes worldwide by yahoo

2005 employed in London as a shrink
2006 directed video Dr. Zetor
2008 moved to Bratislava to his humble subterranean flat
2009 restarted to paint and joined Stax to became Debili
2009 reached first 100 worldwide in the iphone game Nebula
2009 surfaced in Retrospektiva - posledna debilna vernisaz

2010 re-presented at The Best of Debili
2010 became a part of private collections worldwide
2010 selected to exhibition inside of Slovak National Gallery
2010 outcasted from community of some artistic friends
2011 got married under his now official identity "Ballx"
2011 transformed his living space was
2011 became a father to Uma
2011 re-presented again in Ex café and announced upcoming book

2012 was denied of access to Bratislava Accessible Art Fair
2012 was published in Diegesis internet draft version
2012 disjoined Stax from Debili
2013 left outsider Tranzit studio behind
2013 moved to studio of his own
2013 selected again to exhibition inside of Slovak National Gallery
2013 premiered as solo artist by B. Ondreicka in Dimensioni Nuova
2013 son Boris was born

2014 talked about fatherhood in Berlinka Cafe at Slovak National Gallery
2014 talked about dinosaurs in 26th pecha kucha Bratislava
2014 "creativity outside of the brain" at Imagination Creativity and Identity
2014 exhibited at viennaartfair under AMT
2015 dipped in HIT
2015 questioned about dream for Bratislava Design Week


2009 Retrospektíva / Fytomédia, Bratislava
2010 Best of Debili / Ex Libris, Bratislava
2010 Painting After Painting / Maľba po maľbe / Slovenská národná galéria, Bratislava
2011 Kniha / Ex Libris, Bratislava
2013 Between Idyll and Drama / Medzi Selankou a drámou / Slovenská národná galéria, Bratislava
2013 Dimensioni Nuova / AMT project, Bratislava (solo exhibition)
2015 *hit / HIT, Bratislava (solo exhibition)

Dimensioni Nuova 1 May 2013 - 7 Jun 2013