amt _ project began as an initiative of Alberto Matteo Torri in the spring of 2010 in Bratislava. The aim was to work with artists of the Czechoslovak, but also Central European avant-garde; to contextualize their work, to cultivate the audience abroad about them and to create a platform for young, but also already established artists and allowing them to develop their careers beyond their local context.

amt _ project in Bratislava focuses more on individual presentations of outstanding personalities, and thus articulating the sequence of its program.

Both gallery spaces, Bratislava and Milano, are apartments, whose original function remains unchanged, which is how they both allude to the legacy of the avant-garde – informality, or rather institutionalizing the domestic space, which is understood as an appropriate platform for communicating powerful ideas within limited spatial and formal terms. It is this limit that allows artists working for / in amt _ project to use shortcuts or effective solutions without the need to participate in the system.

amt _ project Milano again has an experimental program of residence projects and curatorial projects.

The gallery participates in international art fairs primarily to gain visibility and annually publishes about 3-5 publications with Sputnik Editions distributed worldwide by Mottodistribution and Les Presses du Reel.